Catalyze is an alumni network of 150+ emerging leaders ...

...entrepreneurs, leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship and business supporting organizations, private companies or universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia who experienced Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professional Fellows Program in Chicago.

Our Vision

To catalyze positive change in the Balkan region.

Our Mission

Through building a strong network of proactive individuals, knowledge and experience sharing and joint projects development we are generating positive impact and change in our local social and entrepreneurial communities in the Balkan region.

Values of Catalyze initiative

  1.  Responsibility - we take responsibility in our community to make a change
  2. Excellence - we give our best whatever we do
  3. Dedication - we are ready to “go the extra mile” to produce positive impact
  4. Helpfulness - we are ready to support each other and share relevant information
  5. Enjoying participation - we enjoy building our network and create change
  6. Sustainable - our aim is sustainable growth of our region