Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professional Fellows Program

If you are an emerging leader - entrepreneur or leader in government office, public policy-oriented NGO, private company or university department You must have wondered whether your ideas are relevant globally or how is your job being done by professionals elsewhere in the world. And, for sure, you have always wanted to travel abroad and to exchange best practice and broaden your professional expertise.

Well, if you connect to all above mentioned we just might have a solution for you - The U.S. Department of State’s Professional Fellows Program in Chicago!!!

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professional Fellows Program (PFP)  brings emerging leaders from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia to Chicago for short-term fellowships with leading tech-related companies in a variety of fields, government agencies and NGOs that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and university and non-university technology incubators.

Once selected you are provided with plane ticket to Chicago, real Chicagoan homestay host, host organisation which is active in your field of interests including professional mentor taking care of you during your stay. This exceptional, (fully-funded) 5 week ride is proven to be a life-changing experience for almost 100 PFP participants since 2015. The Calls for selection of Fellows are published twice a year for Spring and Fall program.

Check all the information on PFP on this page, especially the testimonials, and dare not to apply!

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Great experience that everyone in business should consider. - Egon Ravbar, Zavod mladi podjetnik, founder

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