Video from Catalyze Career Development for High Achievers Meetups: How to mentor and how to be mentored?

How to mentor and how to be mentored?

As part of the Catalyze Career Development for High Achievers Meetups, we organized the third meetup “How to mentor and how to be mentored?”. The meetup took place on October 5th, 2021 at 5 pm via the Zoom platform.

The findings show that mentoring is fundamental to founder education and the success of the startup. Also for one’s personal career development, the right mentor can make it faster and better in a shorter time. But the process of mentoring is hard. On one hand, it is hard to find a mentor and be a good mentee, but on the other hand,  it is hard to be a good mentor. During this meetup, we would like to focus our efforts to help alumni to become better mentors and mentees so that they can catalyze their careers in the right direction. To share the experience of mentoring, we invited Craig Matthews, a Senior Innovation Consultant at Science Park Graz. Craig described why mentorship is so powerful and what are the benefits of mentoring. He explained that there are pitfalls in the relationship between mentors and mentees due to mutual misunderstanding. What are these traps and how to overcome them, check out the video down below. 

Craig’s talk was followed by a fireside chat with Alja Gajsek and Filip Stipancic. Alja is a Program Director at CEED Slovenia. Over the past 10 years at CEED, she has developed new learning programs and solutions for founders of different company stages – from startups to global tech companies. We were glad to host Alja because of her many years of experience in developing startups and her rich knowledge.

Watch the video of the whole lecture below.


Then, we gave the four alumni a chance to present the projects they are currently working on. 


We had the opportunity to hear more about the following projects:


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