Chicago Collaboration Week – Developing Innovation Eco-System

Chicago Collaboration Week was organized again in Zagreb, Croatia on 6th & 7th of April 2017, building on from success from last year.

The first day was focusing on Business Support Organisations under the slogan “Developing Innovation Eco-System”. BSOs are directly working with SMEs from Croatia and helping them with product commercialization, protection of IP or getting a financial grant for project development or crucial business investment. Sharing experience between them as well as best case practices helped them make new connection and ideas for collaboration and projects in order to make their client’s life easier. Experts from Chicago were presenting their ideas on how to create and develop National Innovation Eco-System. The second day was aiming at reaching private companies interested in entering the US market under the name “Time To Go West”, where Croatian entrepreneurs presented their innovative solutions and heard from US experts on how to do business in Chicago. Late afternoon was reserved for reaching out to students on Economic University in Zagreb, where Chicago experts held interactive workshops “Engaging Next Start-Up Generation” helping students make the next step from idea to business pitch.ave years of experience in the business consulting industry in different fields. We know how much company owners and managers can benefit from using our services.

Videos from the conference:


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