Fast Track to Chicagoland

What does it take to bring your product to the USA market? Inspired by this question and their own experience in the USA through World Chicago professional fellows program, Karlo Kukec, Iva Bišćanić and Vedran Đidara organized a project called Fast Track to Chicagoland.

Fast Track to Chicagoland was a 3-day workshop for SMEs with products ready for the US market. From Nov 16th 2016 to Nov 18th 2016, workshop gathered 15 different SMEs with a total of 25 participants trained by 6 mentors (3 mentors from Chicago and 3 mentors from Croatia)

During the workshop participants worked with mentors on the preparation of their SMEs for US market entrance (analysis, culture differences, segmentation, business models etc.)

Results of the workshop were significant, having 2 SMEs entered the USA market and additionally 6 trainers for the SME supporting organisations acquired new skills in the train the trainer concept that they will be able to use in their work.

More photos here.

You can check out the highlights of the workshop in this video

And here is longer version of the video with the included interviews.


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